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  Solutions CSID is a contracting / consulting group located in the California Bay Area that focuses predominantly on clinical science education for health care providers.
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  Solutions In the employment section you can find a survey of my employment history and job titles as they relate to my instructional experience and clinical training.
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  Solutions On portfolio page you can find a broad survey of my more recent works. Click on the icon in the left margin of the page to view the media piece or to go to the affiliated organization.
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WELCOME TO Chris Salem Instructional Designs

CSID provides instructional design and instructional technology solutions to bussiness, healthcare and educational organizations.

What is instructional design?
Simply stated: Instructional design is the process of planning and improving instruction. Traditionally we do this by assessing the needs of an organization and looking at their organizational goals. We then apply technology and instruction to help achieve those goals. The real art of instructional design is in making the instruction effective, fun, and most importantly verifiable!

What is instructional technology?
Instructional and educational technology is the intelligent use of digital tools and systems to enhance and improve learning. This includes learning management systems, e-books, sharable content objects and social media. The real key to successful deployment of these technologies is in their strategic and intelligent application. We focus on needs assessment, rapid prototyping and off the shelf solutions to help guide organizations in deploying successful solutions.

While we specialize in rapid prototyping and just-in-time solutions, we can also provide customization of open source learning management systems and can facilitate training and tutoring for your organization.

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